Brick and Mortar:

Coconut Grove Shop Launch Party

Not even a power outage could stop this red-hot party.

By: Emma Nelson | IPhotos: Gabriel Sanchez


To celebrate our newest location in a city that always brings the heat, our Coconut Grove shop hosted a night we won’t soon forget. Locals indulged in Miami Smokers small bites, sipped Beam and Suntory cocktails, danced to local DJ Sasha Lauzon and enjoyed a live art performance by Jessica York.

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  • Kit-and-Ace-Coconut-Grove-Miami-5-5.jpg

We had every intention of bouncing until the break of dawn when a neighbourhood-wide blackout surprised us halfway through the night. The unexpected turn left guests surprised but unfazed. After a small pause and with the help of candles, drinks and a group of incorrigible partiers, the night blazed on.

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While the night eventually did come to an end, our new Coconut Grove shop is open seven days a week. Come say hi.