A SuperReal Talk Morning

Toronto, ON

An early-hours, behind-the-scenes private tour at the Art Gallery of Ontario.

By: Julia Hood | Photos: Kayla Rocco


It’s not everyday you find yourself inside a sprawling 600-foot glass and wood façade at the Art Gallery of Ontario, before the doors open to the public. Sure, it was early, but with the help of aromatic cappuccinos being served, as well as the predictably early April showers pitter-pattering onto the glass windows of Galleria Italia, we were alert and ready to start our morning in a pretty singular setting with some stellar guests.

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Discussion ensued, and no question was off the (breakfast) table. But the query with the most thoughtful answer was, rightfully so, about art:

What makes good art? “Art is more so for oneself. I’m sure none of the pieces surrounding us right now had the intention of being showcased at the AGO – all of these pieces were probably initially created as a feeling.” —Jason Field, CEO of Brainstation.

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After a couple rounds of Real Talk – with lengthy discussions about bringing back the homemade tracksuit segueing into whether or not social media is bringing us together or pushing us further apart – we capped off the morning with a private tour of the AGO’s SuperReal exhibit with assistant curator of modern art Kenneth Brummel. We walked through Claes Oldenburg's astounding Floor Burger, Andy Warhol's Elvis I and II and Robert Rauschenberg’s Story, just to name a few. Guests left with satiated stomachs and a deeper knowledge of pop culture. All before lunch time.

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