Dani Kreeft

Owner of Dani Press, Toronto, ON

'Never stop creating' is the mantra for this intrepid Kit.

By: Rye Johnson | Photos: Viktor Radics


Business owner, writer, photographer and all around adventure devotee Dani Kreeft is the woman behind Dani Press – a stationery company inspired by global travel and devoted to stirring social change (10 per cent of Dani Press’s profits go towards education efforts in Africa). Together, the words and images she creates provide a gorgeous vocabulary for showcasing the emotions of friendship, love, family and life. Outside of Dani Press, Kreeft writes and publishes her work across a variety of platforms, and this March she is travelling to Haiti and the Dominican Republic to write for a non-profit. To top it off, she continues to write and her series 10 with a 10

With all this on the go, 12-hour days are the norm for Kreeft, but whether the time is spent producing content, taking meetings with editors or connecting with friends, creative output is her joie de vivre. Each morning starts with an hour of journaling and intention-setting for the day, a practice Kreeft believes anchors and keeps her aware of what she’s working towards.

When it comes to style, Kreeft’s look is borrowed-from-the-boys meets rock n’ roll. She insists she’s all about the basics – simple jeans and a white t-shirt are the standard – but admits she struggles when packing for trips for fear of limiting her options. One conversation with Kreeft and it’s clear she wouldn’t want to enter a room without making a statement. We caught up with this dynamic fireball to see how she moves through a full-contact day. 


6:30 AM
Writing and breakfast at Rose and Sons 

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“I always start my morning with an hour of journaling to make sure I am anchored in the right things and aware of what I am working towards.”

10:00 AM
Moodboarding at home 

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“There are always 900 things I could be doing in a day. From moodboarding to accounting.”

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1:00 PM
Lunch and Coffee with a 10 for 10 subject at Boxcar Social 

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“As soon as I realized I had something to say and a way to say it, I felt a responsibility to share it.”

3:30 PM
Photoshoot for 10 for 10

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“As soon as you step outside of what you know, that feeling becomes something that you crave.”

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6:00 PM
Dinner with friends at Dandylion

“I find a lot of inspiration in conversations with friends about life and our own vulnerabilities.”