Jessica Graves

By: Ashley Moore

Vancouver born Jessica Graves is a Ride Cycle Club instructor by morning, Shop Director of our Gastown shop by day and a leader and adventurer all day, everyday.

When they say we have as many hours in a day as Beyonce, it’s safe to say that Jess knows how to use them. From a look into how she fills her days, its easy to be in awe of all that she accomplishes. But, when you ask her, a full day is what makes her complete. To fulfill that killer list of to dos, it’s all about her tribe - the people she surrounds herself with that keep her going.


For some, 5:30am is an early rise. Here’s what keeps her from hitting snooze: "If I’ve committed to something or someone, I always have the motivation. It plays into keeping my word and knowing how I want to show up for the day."

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“My favourite part about the west coast vibe is how unstructured it is and how we are slowly getting away from the typical 9-5 career - there are so many people moving throughout the city on an unique schedule that fits in with their goals and life, re: side hustle. Everyone is always up to something - whether it be meetings over brunch, coffee shop offices and evening work sessions. People are always hustling, but making time to enjoy the people, the city and the beautiful outdoors .”

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I feel most at home living near the water. It gives a sense of calm and peace - always that place you can go to escape. There truly is something magical about living here - the clean air, the mountains, water, people from all over the world and everyone so passionate about health, fitness and wellbeing. It’s so beyond the physicality of it all.

Jess is wearing our Raw Pocket Tee, Mulberry Pants, and Crew T-Shirt Dress