Marianna Jamadi

Writer and Photographer, Los Angeles, CA

Always on the move, this travel writer and photographer is on a quest for the ultimate adventure.

By: Rye Johnson | Photos: Skip Hopkins

Jamadi is wearing the Claren Trouser

Marianna Jamadi is an all-around nomad – a storyteller and entrepreneur in search of incredible experiences. But it wasn’t always this way. Two and a half years ago, while sitting at a cubicle in Victoria’s Secret’s NYC headquarters colour-matching panties for the company’s e-commerce site, it hit her – she could no longer ignore the feeling in her gut telling her she needed a drastic change of scenery. Following her heart, Jamadi booked a trip around the world. Her goal? To spend one year photographing every living member of her family. That journey took her to from France and Germany to Indonesia and Australia.

Since that trip, Jamadi has built a career travelling the globe (she is co-founder of El Camino Travel) and building a portfolio of stories. This October she received a VSCO Artist Initiative grant and will be heading to Cartegena, Colombia, in the spring to produce a photo essay on an Afro-Colombian community dance troupe. Invigorated by capturing moments that tend to go unnoticed (last year she shot a photo essay of people who sleep in their cars at Venice Beach), Jamadi is a big believer in art’s ability to heal.

With so much travel, it’s no wonder Jamadi’s style is a strong reflection of all the places she has been. All of her experiences, combined with her Finnish and Indonesian roots, have wound their way together to create an unexpected combination of minimalistic and bohemian style. With new adventures around every corner, Jamadi is constantly seeking out the next beautiful project. It’s safe to say she’ll look good doing it.


9:00 AM
Breakfast and emails at Ledlow. 

Jamadi is wearing the Bowen Tank

"There are so many tools that have made the world a lot smaller in terms of access – knowing how to find secret places is a bit easier."

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10:00 AM
Mood boarding at a friend's DTLA loft. 

Jamadi is wearing the Bowen Tank

"When travelling, convertible pieces are key – things that you can dress up and dress down."


Jamadi is wearing the Bowen Tank

11:30 AM
Test shoot. 

Jamadi is wearing the Claren Trouser
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1:30 AM
Grand Central Market for lunch and shopping. 

Jamadi is wearing the Bowen Tank

"I was doing photography on the side and I got to a point where it was now or never. I had this urge to sell all my stuff, get really uncomfortable and just be free."


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3:00 PM
A quick errand on Abbot Kinney Blvd. 

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6:00 PM
Dinner with friends at Eat, Drink, Americano. 

Jamadi is wearing the Ellis Midi Dress

"I’m always trying to figure out what the next plane ticket I can buy is."

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