Get the Fresh Facts at Follain

Beacon Hill, Boston, MA

The skincare shop that knows what goes on the outside of your body is just as important as what goes in.

By: Kit and Ace | Photos: Christopher Winter


Literally follow your nose the next time you’re walking down Charles Street in Beacon Hill and you’ll end up outside Follain, inhaling the sweet, clean scent wafting out of the shop. Inside, Tara Foley is changing the conversation around skincare with her all-natural, waste-reducing take on beauty.  

The shop’s minimalist-meets-farmhouse aesthetic matches Foley’s philosophy for the items she curates. 

“Our décor is in line with what our stance is: very transparent, honest,” she says.


Chatting with Foley about skincare is an eye-opening experience, and quickly raises an important question: why are we so concerned with what we put into our bodies without giving a second thought to what we put on the outside? At Follain, what goes into a product is just as important as the product’s effects. Each product is tested not only for performance but for safety as well. A visit to the shop helps demystify the confusing ingredients that show up on the label.

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Our skin is the largest organ and Follain is changing the conversation around how we treat it. According to Foley, the body absorbs 60 per cent of the products we apply to our skin – so when only five per cent of the 85,000 synthetic chemicals on the market have been tested, it matters what products we choose to use.

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If you have even a passing interest in your skincare and how products can affect the body, you owe it to yourself to visit Follain the next time you’re in the neighbourhood.