Meet the People

We invited our community to get behind the camera and rock their favourite pants. Meet the real people / budding pant models up to ‘unreal’ things in their ‘unreal’ pants.

Adam and Jillian dancing


What’s unreal in your world these days? Jillian — My new hobby of cold water swimming— I’m dipping into Okanagan Lake to reap the benefits of cold immersion while strengthening my mind to do hard things!

These pants are unreal — They’re comfortable, yet chic. I can high kick my way into the office without worrying about a sudden split.

What’s unreal in your world these days? Adam — Getting out of my comfort zone and getting in front of the camera for the shoot!

These pants are unreal — I love knowing that I’m going to look and feel good all day long without having to think about it. Putting on Kit and Ace is always a good idea.

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Mia Gordon


What’s unreal in your world these days? As a weather reporter, I get to help share the message of how our planet is impacted by climate change and what we can do to help. That is so important to me, to do my part in protecting this planet for the next generation.

These pants are unreal — They look great and feel great. Being in media, I have to look the part, but I also work outside, I need something that looks stylish and is comfortable. These pants do the trick! 

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Mia Gordon


What’s unreal in your world these days? Paul — I’ve been really focused on improving my skills and services in Real Estate and recently completed a Certified International Property Specialist course.

 These pants are unreal   — I can easily mix up pants and jackets, plus they always look so nice and don’t show wrinkles.

What’s unreal in your world these days? Keri — I recently started an Anti-Racism Certificate program at UBC to continue my commitment to creating a more inclusive work environment for everyone to thrive in.

 These pants are unreal   — Stylish, comfortable and versatile, so I can wear them dressed up for work or casual with sneakers. 

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Mia Gordon


What’s unreal in your world these days? Eric — Working on my next book and loving the virtual stage. Despite going from 100 flights in 2019 to being completely grounded, it has been incredible to get to know my city better.

 These pants are unreal   — Comfortable and classy. I find that I'm feeling my best without having to worry about what I'm wearing. 

What’s unreal in your world these days? Gillian — Transitioning into a new role at work that will be challenging in the best way, as well as ramping up my candle making side hustle.

 These pants are unreal   — Love pairing with a button-up for a more formal look, or with a cotton tee for casual. Not to mention the wrinkle-resistance is a huge bonus! 

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Mia Gordon


What’s unreal in your world these days? I am so proud of the art I have been creating for myself and clients, especially finishing my last painting project with the Canadian Council for the Arts at the end of January!

These pants are unreal  — Love how they are functional and high-waisted; perfect for unpredictable Vancouver weather and hopping into (virtual) client meetings. 

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Mia Gordon


What’s unreal in your world these days? WFH has taken away from my daily bike commute so staying healthy is my top priority. I’m part of an inspiring triathlon team and immersing myself with positive vibes training solo or virtually has been great. 

These pants are unreal — Not only comfortable and stylish but hands down functional. Well thought out pockets for the win!  

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