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We're on a mission to tell the stories of those paving the way to a more optimistic world.

Say hello to Matt, our first Amplifier, working to bring people together through food and laughter, and celebrating the earth for the nourishment it brings. 

Matt is a celebrated chef, recipe developer, content creator, and tastemaker who has cooked for thousands, fed many in need, and competed on MasterChef Canada.

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A car accident nearly five years ago delivered a crushing blow, and his long road to recovery caused him to re-evaluate his life and vision for the future.

A true Optimist in every sense of the word, Matt has come back from adversity and now uses his platform to spread awareness around food security, and to tell the stories of the people in our food system.

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Follow along as we join him on his Food Power Tour, and hear from the people he meets along the way.


What is an Amplifier, exactly?

Someone working to create positive change and spread optimism in the world. Are you making waves in your community?

If so, drop us a line at We’d love to meet you, and learn how we can help fuel your mission. Here we go!