The 'new' Roaring 20s

Why, exactly, are we swinging into Spring?

Our Spring campaign evokes joyful energy behind movement. We’ve combined our favourite ways to swing—swing dancing, swing sets and our fave retro ‘swing’ sports (tennis anyone?!). It's a nod to the feeling of freedom and what it means to Swing into Spring. 

Image 1 Image 2 Image 3 - My Optimism Is Dad jokes because it reminds me that I can choose joy at anytime. George, CEO, Vancouver
The Making of Swing into Spring.

Swing dancing originated in Harlem in the 1920s, and was inspired by the celebration that came with the end of the First World War.  Here we are 100 years later, amid a persistent pandemic, with a collective urge to feel free and joyful again. So we asked ourselves, if the feeling of carefree lightness was translated into movement, what would it look like?  

It would look like swing dancing, set to the celebratory upbeat tempo of jazz. And so our Spring photoshoot was set to the jazz of the Roaring 20s. Inspired by the uplifting tempo of swing dance, our models Mitch and Lianne crushed some fancy footwork thanks to coaching by Lindsay and Doug with no shortage of laughter.

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Meet our Spring Collection

Our collection for this season follows these themes of liberty, celebration, and self expression. Feel the freedom of movement in fabrics with extra stretch and venting details for breathability. Find cooling relief in our brrr° pieces, made with cooling minerals in the fabric fibers and moisture wicking and rapid drying technology to keep you effortlessly comfortable and always in motion. 

Move with grace and ease in oversized fits and breezy pleats. It's time to greet Spring in flowy looks that lend themselves perfectly to your next adventure.