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This is technical apparel for your real life

We took the best principles of athletic design and applied them to clothing you can wear all day.

KA Code No.64

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KA Code No.64

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Your full-contact life

Time is a non-renewable resource, so every moment matters. Commuting, creating, pushing, pausing, sweating and achieving. You don’t slow down from 6AM to 10PM and you need clothing that can keep up.

In 2014 Shannon Wilson and JJ Wilson created Kit and Ace for those full-contact days – days that start with a hike at dawn and end with a red-eye. We believe what you wear affects your day – it can hold you back or keep you moving. You need performance and functionality for every part of it, not just at the gym.

We applied our expertise in technical design to clothing that suits how you actually live – pieces you can throw in the wash again and again, that stand up to the fullest days. Whether you are biking to the office, playing a pickup game at lunch or dashing to make your connection, what you wear never stands in your way.

Undercover athletes

We are athletes at heart – we sweat every day, but that doesn’t mean we always want to dress the part. Tempting as it is to wear our gym clothes everywhere, we also love fashion.

We created Kit and Ace for people like us – people who love to move and understand how technical clothing should perform, people who are spoiled by the comfort and movement of athletic apparel and find it hard to wear anything else. We brought the comfort and performance of your gym clothes to your street clothes so you never have to sacrifice functionality for style.

A city designed for us

Vancouver: it’s the only city where you can sea kayak and snowboard on the same day, where business meetings happen on a hiking trail and where you can ride your bike in all four seasons (if you don’t mind a little rain). It moves and it is mindful. It is our testing ground – where we research, fit, design and iterate. It offers us the perfect challenge: create clothing that can go from seaside to sidewalk, from bike to boardroom and from museum to mountaintop – clothing that looks polished but moves with you at every step.

Elevating the world

We are working toward something bigger than ourselves – we are creating products and experiences that keep you moving forward. Time is precious and we help you make the most of your day, giving you tools to live fully and mindfully. Nothing should hold you back from accomplishing big things.

That ethos is built into our products – it is why we include smooth seams, anti-microbial no-iron fabrics with dynamic stretch – but it is also built into our culture. Mindfulness and people development are part of how we operate. We partner with whil – a digital meditation tool – to bring mindfulness training to our teams. We offer weekly mindfulness sessions for our guests in each of our showrooms.

We also do it by supporting another Wilson family venture, imagine1day. imagine1day was created with the goal of all Ethiopians having access to quality education, free foreign aid, by 2030. In developing the next generation of leaders in Ethiopia, imagine1day is working toward our shared vision: elevating the world from mediocrity to greatness. We do not believe in charity, we believe in investment and people development. imagine1day is realizing this vision every day as they build schools and invest in future leaders throughout Ethiopia.

Learn more about imagine1day.

Designing the future

Technical design is in our blood. But we don't look to what has been done before. We are always pushing boundaries to discover what is next. We are a team of designers, engineers and scientists committed to meticulous research, testing and iteration.

We start with performance fabrics, engineered from the fibre stage. Our proprietary fabric family, Qemir™ (pronounced “come ‘ere”), brings technical properties to noble fibres – Technical Cashmere™ you can throw in the wash, silk with dynamic stretch and bounce-back ponte that feels as good as your yoga pants.

We added functional details – shrink integrity, breathability, venting, wicking, stain shield technology, performance trims and meticulous Italian tailoring. We never stop iterating and improving our fabrics.

Time is precious. Make sure your clothing keeps up.

Go for it

Reach the top shelf without untucking your shirt.

Go straight from napping on the flight to closing the deal.

Lounge, lunge or lunch – all in the same outfit.

Run for the bus, miss it, and run the rest of the way home.

Learn more about imagine1day.

Use the drop handlebars on your bike commute (it’s okay, your armpit seams will be fine).

Drop a squat… to change a tire.

Pull your sleeves up, and put them down again (they won’t lose their shape).

Powerwalk in a pencil skirt..

Never, ever interrupt your day to change your clothes.

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