Durable Lightweight Preshrunk Deodorizing Soft Touch Machine Wash Tumble Dry Low
Introducing our brand new Tech Tee collection, engineered in our most durable, long-lasting fabric yet. It's lightweight, breathable, quick-drying, and has an anti-bacterial finish and deodorizing properties, ensuring you get from A to B as fresh and dry as possible.
The quest for the perfect basics is over—say hello to your new favourite. These commuter wardrobe staples are engineered to last through years of wear and wash.
Women's Tech Tee Collection

Kit Sleeveless Turtleneck

It has outstanding four-way stretch, and because of its blended composition, it has great shape retention. You can rest assured you’ll look and feel great throughout the day.

Our Tech Tee collection is sewn with super soft thread to ensure there’s never any irritation on your skin, making it one of our favourites for commute-friendly office wear.

Women's Tech Tee Collection

Kit Crew Tee

Women's Tech Tee Collection

Kit Crew Long Sleeve

Tech Tee has a fabric treatment that ensures any bacteria the product comes into contact with sits on top rather than being absorbed into the fibres. When you wash it, bacteria rolls off the fabric so that overtime you won’t get any lingering smells or that dreaded musty smell that clothing can develop over time.