Our core values


Optimism is a mindset, and a choice.

It is a belief that the future is full of opportunities when one’s eyes and heart are wide open. Optimism is a key ingredient in our secret sauce — it fuels our business and unites us all around a powerful and meaningful mission.

Possibility flourishes with Optimism.


“Laugher is the best medicine” is hardly a cliche. Laughter decreases stress, increases disease-fighting immune cells, and triggers endorphins — the body’s 100% natural feel-good chemicals. Having fun is not only mood lifting but also helps us live fully in the moment. An environment of fun is one in which creativity can flow freely. So, who’s up for more Dad Jokes?!


A learning-oriented mindset embraces innovation, challenges us with seeing a ‘different way,’ and encourages making mistakes. All of this together powers us towards our goals. Learning doesn’t happen in a straight line — it’s an improvement loop that spirals upwards, creating opportunities that we didn’t know existed. Learning also keeps us young and curious. The mind is a muscle, so let’s use it (or lose it)!


We are only what we do, not what we say (we will do).

Responsibility is how we show up every day, how we deliver on our promises (and reset expectations when we don’t), and how we make decisions; particularly those that have an impact on others and the environment. For example, our commitment to creating Made to Last apparel is an intentional and responsible decision.

We all have the ability to respond (Responsibility), and at Kit and Ace we continuously work towards responding in a way that makes sense for the people, the planet, and the relationships that allow our business to thrive.