We exist to Amplify Optimism.
To build a City of Friends, setting the stage for laughter, fun, and great relationships. To lead with dreams, not constraints. To knock down walls that hold us back.

And when it comes to clothing, this is where we stand: We are 100% committed to creating clothing that’s Smart (technical and functional), Easy to Love (comfort and style), and Made to Last (timeless quality vs. fast and trendy).

This is clothing you can go anywhere in – indoors to outdoors, boardrooms to beach.

Kit and Ace is on a mission to create a bright new beat that lifts the spirits and brings us all together.

As a brand and community, we are inspired to create exciting new products, and to bring to life ideas that make everyday brighter.

And this makes all of us here at Kit and Ace very, very proud.

Here we go.