Three Ways to Wear a Little Black Dress 

Our Covent Garden Showroom team shows off how this staple gets styled in London.

By: Taylor McKinnon | Photos: Gareth Gregg

The Covent Garden team is wearing the Yes Dress

Sophisticated. Sensual. Understated. Bold.

Season after season, few pieces play as many roles as the little black dress. From Jackie O’s simple shift-and-sunglass combo, to Rihanna’s play with a pair of street-ready kicks, the black dress invites new interpretation with every wear. Case in point: we asked three style-setters from our Covent Garden showroom to show us their take on The Yes Dress.

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  • Covent_Garden_Showroom_style_2.jpg

“I love androgynous styles that still show off my femininity. Above all else I need to be comfortable – my days are long but I don’t want to relinquish my style.” — Conchita Pascual

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“I’m all about basic girly staples with a comfortable boyish twist.” — Umps Machaka

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“Being a student, it’s so important to have clothes that are timeless as the budget isn’t great. I like to buy investment pieces I can wear a million different ways.” — Kerry Whitten