A Lesson in Street Style

from Gastown's Best Dressed

Vancouver, BC

See how our Vancouver showroom staff styles one cardigan multiple ways.

By: Chelle Morgan | Photos: Agnes Ciaciek

India Bailey styles the Long Haul Cardigan

Timeless and classic. Urban and androgynous. Minimal and athletic. Regardless of the style that speaks to you, infusing your personality into a piece of clothing creates meaning and projects an image of who you are to the rest of the world.

But sometimes we need real-world inspiration to ignite our fashion senses. We asked three muses from our original Gastown showroom in Vancouver to educate us on layering, mix-and-matching and effortless style, using the Long Haul Cardigan as their blank canvas.

See how they wear Kit and Ace in their real life.

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“I take inspiration from vintage ’60s chic. I like to picture Mia Farrow during a Palm Springs vacation.” —India Bailey

Emma Watt styles the Long Haul Cardigan

“Invest in items that you really love. I would rather have a few pieces I can wear again and again, than a closet of styles that will only last one season.” —Emma Watt

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Aisha Estay styles the Long Haul Cardigan

“My style is all about balance. I like to incorporate a masculine, feminine and athletic touch – never one note.” —Aisha Estay

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Come by the Gastown showroom or book a personal styling session with India, Emma or Aisha (email: or call: 1.844.548.6223) in Vancouver at 151 Water Street.