A Caffeinated Foam Party

London, UK

A latte art throw-down determines who's on top of London's bourgeoning coffee scene.

By: Emma Nelson | Photos: Brad Price


When it comes to the caffeine game, consuming coffee is only half the battle. Lattes are no longer just lattes – they are an art form. Perfectly rendered peacocks and mathematically mastered leaves are mandatory for fashionable foam. To prove this point and enlighten the coffee connoisseurs of London, Sorry Coffee Co. invited the best of the best to compete in a latte art throw-down.

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  • Kit-and-Ace-Latte-Art-Party-Redchurch-London-UK-S2.jpg

All eyes were on the competitors, who were armed with beans, micro-foam and a die featuring icons of possible design options. Each competitor, sourced from local cafes and roasters across the city, frothed their milk, threw the die and designed the image with their foam. No pressure, right?

  • Kit-and-Ace-Latte-Art-Party-Redchurch-London-UK-S4.jpg
  • Kit-and-Ace-Latte-Art-Party-Redchurch-London-UK-S5.jpg

In total, there were 10 nail-biting rounds for 12 ruthless competitors. There were no tears over spilt milk (these are professionals here), but only one winner could claim the award. In the end, local barista Anna from Timberyard walked away the winner of the inaugural Sorry Coffee Co. Latte Art Throwdown – her exit, like her latte, was smooth.


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