Empire State of Mindfulness

Manhattan, NY

We unplugged for a morning to turn down the New York noise.

By: Emma Nelson | Photos: Vanessa Granda


On those rare occasions when you slow down and take in the moment, a deeper sense of connection with yourself (and a lighter connection to your wifi) emerges. So when Jen Batchelor, the co-founder of Wellthily, and psychotherapist Terri Cole invited us to an early ‘mindful morning’ on the rooftop terrace of the Refinery Hotel, we couldn’t resist.

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After arriving on the top floor, we entered a space curated by Wellthily for our meditational pleasure. We were invited to take a seat on lush pillows lined by candles and, needless to say, relaxation came easy. After settling in, everyone plugged into Whil through B&O Play Bluetooth headphones for a 20-minute guided meditation.

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After the practice, Cole spoke to our guests about the importance of mindfulness as we slowly came back to reality. In our hectic lives, it is vital to take the time to power down so we are better able to power up. We learned that being in the moment is the key to mindfulness – even in a city that never sleeps. Or slows down.


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