Garrett Jones

Vice President of Client Engagement at VOV Enterprises, Chicago, IL

By being mindful, this Ace has evolved his capacity for change and transformation.

By: Ashley Jardine | Photos: Kirsten Miccoli

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Jones is wearing the Four Button Brushed Henley

From analyst to math teacher to the vice president of a healthcare startup – a job he describes as, “a lot of communication, with a lot of moving parts,” – Garrett Jones isn’t the type of guy who settles. His determination is driven by a thirst for change and the desire to keep evolving. This is both a blessing and a curse – when you’re always on the move, burnout is a side effect that’s quick to take hold. A careful work/life balance, daily meditation and an exercise regime a star athlete would be proud of helps keeps Jones on track.

“I really think of fitness as both a physical and mental transformation,” he explains. “I'm always in motion, and I thrive on that, but I also get a sense of real peace from working out.” Jones starts his morning with CrossFit or a run to mentally and physically prepare for the day ahead. It's a careful balance of expending his physical energy in order to greatly improve the capacity of his mind. “Whether I’m at the gym or meditating, there’s something very energetic about both of those things,” he says. “I need that energy to do all the other things in my life.”

When we talk over the phone, Jones is rolling his luggage into his apartment, fresh off a red-eye flight. He travels frequently for work, and this is something that fuels his motivation for meditation. “It’s a way of getting present with whatever I’m thinking and feeling and going through in that moment – and acknowledging it,” he says. His demanding life on the road pulls him in many different directions all at the same time, and meditation controls that. “Whether it’s for an hour in yoga, or for five minutes [in his home], there’s this sense of gaining control over the craziness by really letting go. That might not make sense to everyone, but it does to me.”

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“The first thing I do, regardless of the weather or wherever I’m travelling, is run. It’s a way to explore that new environment in an active way.”


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“I do a lot of working calls. I like to get out of workout clothes and actually be a part of the world.”


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“There's something very literal about your growth when you're physically working out. But I think what's more interesting is the mental growth experience that you get when you're working out.”

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“The ability to pause everything – other distractions in your life – and work towards something very focused really feeds me energy.”

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“I meditate and I bring that into my travel. Even if I don’t have a studio, I can meditate.”

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