Nate Higgins

Owner, KURE Juice Bar, Portland, OR

This Ace knows the secret to never being caught off balance.

By: Michael Small | Photos: Thompson Chan


It doesn’t take long before conversation with Nate Higgins, co-owner of KURE Juice Bar, turns to balance. More specifically, how finding balance in all aspects of life – from work to food to friends – is paramount for a healthy lifestyle.

He aims for the centre by focusing on two core principles: feeding his body good stuff and keeping it moving. “Food and movement are clearly a big part of being balanced. Putting those things into practice and practicing what you preach are different than just knowing that's what you should be doing.”

Higgins begins each day not by checking his phone, but taking a moment to set his intentions for the next 24 hours, and to remind himself that no matter what, the day is going to be a good one. Yoga has become the bedrock of his mindfulness. “It's a great way to quiet your mind and exercise. It's a fantastic serotonin and dopamine release. It went from a weekly class to something that I can't live without.”

While mindfulness has an important spot in his life, Higgins uses it to power his real world goals. As co-owner of KURE Juice Bar, Higgins is sharing his beliefs with other people through delicious and nutritional drinks. “We like to think of KURE as kind of an escape. We opened our stores around the city and encourage people to come in for a little dose of dopamine.”

Whether it’s practicing in the morning or heading to the construction of a new shop, Higgins looks for clothes that look good and don’t get in his way. “I love to mix fashion and function. I definitely like and need to look sharp on a daily basis, whether I'm going to a meeting or popping into one of my shops.” We followed the always-engaged Higgins for one day to see how he sets himself up for success.


8:30 AM
Meditating at home 

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“It's not snake oil and hippie magic. Taking care of your brain is a real thing.”


10:00 AM
Grabbing a coffee at Courier Coffee Roasters. 

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 “The most important thing to me is awareness and accessibility.”

Higgins is wearing the V Tee

 12:00 PM
Fueling up at KURE 

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 “We're in a city full of decadent food options. We're known for our doughnuts and our desserts, and here we are selling green juice and green food, instead. That's a beautiful place to be.”

2:00 PM
Scouting a new KURE location 


 “KURE was born to provide an opportunity for people to connect and come together over something that felt and tasted good.”

6:00 PM
Dinner at Bamboo Sushi


 “Ultimately, it's about community. Portland is an incredible place to build a community.”

Higgins is wearing the Denman Button Up