Christina Cheng

Journalist and Stylist, Toronto, ON

Whether it's making brands and clients look good or telling a multi-platform story, this Kit does it all.

By: Michael Small | Photos: Lawrence Cortez

Cheng is wearing the Straight Up Crew Tee

We weren’t expecting our very first first question to stump Christina Cheng, but it did.

How do you describe what you do?

“Oh my god, I can’t!” Cheng laughs.

After a moment of consideration, she refers to herself as a multi-hyphenate, and a quick look at her schedule confirms it’s an appropriate title. Cheng is a journalist-writer-social-strategist-influencer-stylist, and those are just the most obvious jobs she has on the go. “I have creative ADD,” she confesses. A former journalism student, Cheng is deeply passionate about telling stories – hers, yours, a brands – and loves to experiment with different storytelling platforms. She plays with words, photography and video to spread the message, and it’s why, along with an impeccable sense of style, she has become a muse both for brands and her followers, who gobble up new, tasty and inspirational content from her blog and social channels.

A mother of one, Cheng says she owes a lot of her “I can do that” attitude to her son. “I think that was my slogan ever since I had to come home at 15 and tell my parents I was pregnant,” she says with a laugh. She says that motherhood ingrained in her the belief that if she applied herself, shit would get done, and that has carried through to her professional life. She is interested in collaborating with people who inspire her, and creating content she genuinely believes in. And while it is hard for Cheng to pin down how to describe her job, we think it’s pretty simple. She’s a star.

Meet Christina Cheng.

9:30 AM
Social posts at Sorry Coffee Co.

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“I began branding and marketing myself, organically and truthfully. Really, just sharing my interests.”

11:00 AM
Styling a client 

Cheng is wearing the Take Shape Cropped Blouse

“I'm into quality. It might cost a lot of money, but it's one thing that I wear nonstop, and it's going to last me a very, very long time.”

1:00 PM
Social strategizing at free agency 

Cheng is wearing the Cargo Jogger

“I feel like it's such a waste if I don't collab with other people, or merge talents together. I think it's a beautiful thing.”

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3:00 PM
Working out at MyoDetox Performance 

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“Staying active helps with the creative process. Once I go on that run, I come back and I feel refueled to jump back in with a fresh perspective.”

4:00 PM
Commuting around Toronto 

Cheng is wearing the Blanket Wrap
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“I'm a Gemini, so it's like I have two sides and I'm trying to balance all my different interests.”

Cheng is wearing the Big Easy Culotte
Cheng is wearing the Iconic Twisted Lapis Necklace