Jenna Holmes

Photographer, Melbourne, AUS

This visionary never slows down and is always looking for the next great shot.

By: Ali Hackett | photos: Nicole England


If you think you’re busy, listen to this: between a full-time job teaching kids P.E. Jenna Holmes is building a thriving photography business. She managed to spend two weeks in the Maldives photographing for lifestyle company Yogakiss and five weeks adventuring in Brooklyn living out her dream as an NYC shutterbug, all in the last year.

Put simply, Holmes knows how to get what she wants. She sticks to one principal motto: “There’s no such thing as luck, only preparation meeting opportunity.” Having a mother who’s a life coach and Oprah for a role model doesn’t hurt, but she does make it all sound so infuriatingly effortless. Or it would be infuriating if not for her natural charm and infectious energy.

Holmes describes her style as low maintenance and minimal, saying she plans her outfit in the shower based on how she feels and what she plans to do that day. “I don’t spend all day planning my outfits. I’m the best girlfriend in the world – it takes me 10 minutes to get ready.” Her look ranges from trendy picks to investment pieces – you can catch her in trainers on her way to work, bathers at the beach, a dress for a concert and her signature sunglasses when the sun is out.

Her style matches her photography and teaching. “Everything is based on feeling – whether I’m getting dressed or doing something creative, it’s all intuitive.” Holmes wants her photos to be a reflection of a real moment, not a staged environment, so she only uses natural light. In this way her photos create an authentic moment you want to be a part of. She is passionate about all the different components of her life, and manages to strike a balance that is decidedly her own.

We spent the day with Holmes checking out her favourite spots around Melbourne, where she packs her days with inspiration, work, friends and fashion.

9:30 AM

Sorting prints and planning pieces at home


From the moment I wake up I'm planning and preparing.

11:00 AM

Morning coffee at Reunion & Co. to check emails and plan a photo session

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2:00 PM

Walking through the Prahran neighbourhood in Melbourne

I walk the Prahran backstreets blasting music every weekend. It's a great spot for creative inspiration and location scouting.

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4:00 PM

A quick stop at interior design and plant shop Pop & Scott for inspiration (and shopping)

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7:00 PM

Dinner at Rupert on Rupert


I like to organize creative dinners with friends who don't know each other. We drink and eat and meaningful connections are made.

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