Clever Like a: In Conversation with Wade Foxx

Brisbane, QLD

The founder of multiple social influence agencies knows how to build a community.

By: Melia Rayner | Photos: Duckie Dong


Defining “influence” isn’t an exact science. With the rise of social media as a major force in the marketing world, brands are increasingly eager to identify those commanding a receptive following. Determining whose voice cuts through the clutter is no easy task.

But these issues don’t faze Wade Foxx. The Brisbane resident has successfully navigated the rise of social media influence over the past five years. He views each evolution as an opportunity to reach new audiences and create meaningful communities.

With a diverse marketing background, Foxx has managed to launch two social influence agencies, first MODA Creative – a marketing agency for social influencers – and more recently UR SOCIAL, an agency that specializes in social strategy. Foxx firmly believes that education is the most common barrier to social impact. So in addition to enhancing the profile of the content creators and brands he takes under his wing, he is developing new programs to train brands and individuals looking to grow their social audiences.

Here, Wade shares what brought him from the club to the conference room, and sets the record straight on some common misconceptions around what influence means to the social media game.

Foxx is wearing the Everyday Crew

Kit and Ace: UR SOCIAL is one of many ventures you’ve successfully developed over the years. How did you arrive here?

Wade Foxx: My background is in nightclub marketing and public relations, but as I saw the growth and potential of Instagram as a brand marketplace, I co-founded MODA Creative in 2013 to turn strong role models into powerful brand advocates. By 2016 I was seeing the change in the demand from brands – they needed more help to create content and post consistently while building a community – and UR SOCIAL was born.

UR SOCIAL helps brands connect with their community through social influencers in a specific, engaged and sometimes lucrative corner of the digital media market – across platforms like Instagram, Facebook Live, SnapChat and Kwickie.

KA: What first brought you to the social media and influencer marketing space?

I found marketing fun and it was exciting to launch campaigns and new businesses. I love the challenge of coming up with a creative idea to create a community for a brand or business.

Foxx is wearing the Unrestricted Blazer

KA: How do you create structure in a fast-paced lifestyle?

WF: For myself, it’s all about keeping the body healthy with early morning training, then cleaning my house and office space to ensure there’s a clean space, clean mind focus.

In the workplace, I believe that first you need to focus on yourself so you can lead by example, then create a team or tribe and up-skill them to be able to create systems. In my team I am passionate about creating systems to focus time on tasks that create results and build a community focused on creating strong, loyal connections between the producer and the client. On a practical level, working in social media and influencer marketing, you are in trouble if you don’t have Google Calendar and Pipedrive.

KA: What are some misconceptions people may have about influencer marketing and how do you overcome those?

WF: Everyone focuses on numbers, but measuring influencer marketing needs to be about more than how many followers or how much engagement an influencer can bring to a channel. It should be about creating hype to be part of a brand community, which builds loyal customers who will buy and enroll more friends to be part of the community.


KA: What lies ahead for you? What are you lining up next?

WF: It’s all about empowering the up-and-comers – I will be looking to do more educating online and in person at conferences to help more people become influencers in their industry.