Japan’s Virgin Problem,

Mental Illness on TV and More 

Volume 25

By: Kate Wells | Illustration: Tom Froese


News Bites

Virgin Suicides: IRL. If Japan’s demographic challenges weren’t already big enough – the world’s oldest population, a shrinking birthrate and an astonishing number of single people – their issues just expanded after a new survey found that a worrying amount of the population are still virgins.

Therapy TV. Huzzah! Binge watching Netflix may actually be good for your health. This NY Times opinion piece explores how the shift in the way TV portrays mental illness has allowed for people to recognize that these struggles are not the butt of a joke or a motivation for murder, but part of who many of us are.

Don’t See or They’ll Die. Efforts to preserve the world’s natural and cultural treasures are facing a major obstacle: FOMO. Travellers’ fears of missing out (i.e. FOMO) on the chance to come face-to-face with a blue-footed booby in the Galapagos Islands, or to fight off the pigeons in Venice’s Piazza San Marco are encouraging more visits to these very hard-to-preserve places. Called “last chance tourism” the phenomenon leads travelers to flock to delicate sites, threatening them even further.

The Recyclable Tent. A tent has finally been designed for “one-time campers”. Whether you have been sucked into a work getaway or are heading to a festival, a Dutch architecture student has created a cardboard tent that can be purchased cheaply, used once and recycled after for a more eco-friendly alternative.

The Power of Choice. Because choosing one is just too difficult, Keith Olbermann has tallied up the most outrageous of Donald Trump’s offenses from the last 15 months to provide 176(!) reasons why the Donald isn’t fit to be president. A few highlights include: accusing President Obama of being the founder of ISIS, suggesting women who choose abortion should face punishment and lying about charitable donations to veterans’ groups and the St. Jude Cancer Center. People are telling us this is a very, very good read. The best.