Places to go, people to (love) hate and the memory benefits of sleep.

Volume 28: Going Places

By: Kate Wells | Illustration: Camille Segur


News Bites

Game Recognize Game

Despite your feelings about his diet or his friendly relationship with a modern day dictator, you can’t deny the success of Tom Brady – five Super Bowl rings. Count ‘em. And while you likely won’t ever make millions from throwing a ball, Mashable has put together a step-by-step guide to being the Tom Brady of your workplace (Brazilian supermodel not included).

The Whole World in Your Trackpad

One month into 2017 and the pull of a spring escape gets more tempting by the day. Grab some inspo for your getaway from the New York Times’ interactive guide, 52 Places to Go in 2017. Full disclosure: we may be biased due to Canada holding the top spot, but there are 51 other dreamy locales to explore like Chile, India and Botswana to name a few.

Rest for the Wicked (Mind) 

Scientists have long grappled with the mystery of sleep. What purpose does it serve when we drift away at night? New research may have found an answer – findings published in the journal Science showed that sleep gives our brains the opportunity to forget. Without catching a few Zs, the brain could get bogged down with extraneous information and memories, which in turn slows down overall brain function. So the next time someone guilts you for that afternoon nap, tell them forget it – that’s what you’ll be doing.

Well Read 

Warren Buffet credits reading as his secret to success, but in 2017, it can seem hard to find the time to sit down with a book. But the reality is that in the amount of time you spend on social media in a year, you could read more than 200 books. Here is the math: on average, it takes 417 hours to read 200 books and the average American spends 608 hours a year on social media. And sure, you could argue searching for detox teas, watching people play with slime and running with the latest meme is good way to spend time, but we’re more inclined to take the advice of a billionaire.

Hating app. If a lonely Valentine’s Day has you down, maybe it’s time to try a fresh approach to dating. A new app, Hater, ditches the classic model of matching users based on mutual interests in favour of mutual dislikes. Sounds like a lot of saved time when looking for your sour-mate.