It's Going Down in H-Town

Houston, TX

Fast friends and funnel cake in the city with no limits.

By: Amy Sheehan | Photos: Thompson Chan


The Copper Studio left the rolling pastures and hay bales of Dallas for the vast glimmering towers of Houston. We bowed down in Beyoncé’s booming hometown to be schooled in all things Texan – from cowboy boots to deep fried Oreos. H-town greeted us with a friendly “Hey y’all,” as we parked the Copper beacon under sweeping oaks around the corner from our Rice Village shop.

Finding shade in Rice Village
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The good people from Bumble and the crew at Manready Mercantile added dash of spice to Real Talk. Our favourite icebreaking question was “What movie best describes your best/worst relationship?” The cheeky inquiry garnered a variety of real responses, such as: Gone with The WindGroundhog Day and – our personal favourite – Die Hard with a Vengeance.

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The team from Manready Mercantile and Bumble engage in Real Talk

Houston’s modus operandi isn’t all stylish urban sprawl – local tradition is alive and kicking at the Houston Livestock Show, the largest rodeo in the world. Hot tip: tuck into a funnel cake (a swirling, sugar-dusted delicacy) and crack open a cold one for this spectacle. Cowboys and gals of all ages competed for gold in the rodeo showdowns, in-between two-stepping onto the Ferris wheel. Yee-hawing was very much encouraged.

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