Issue 09: Power

Turn it on, turn it up.

By: The Editors | Photos: Alan Chan


Think about flicking a light switch. The energy your body must produce and expend to make your finger move. The kinetic energy produced when the switch moves from point A to B. The surge of power running through circuitry. The heat produced by a light bulb suddenly blazing into existence. So many different forms of power expended for the simplest action.

Power, in all its forms, is one of life’s necessities. Everyone wants it, whether it’s to keep the lights on, deadlift weights in the gym or dominate in the boardroom. We fight to attain it and once we have it, we want more. It’s the thing that keeps us moving forward. From staying static. The undercover athlete craves power because it is the source of all momentum and progression.

For this issue, we examine some of the most powerful people we know: from Olympic athletes to power couples to badass boss ladies, we are showcasing the people who harness their personal power to achieve great things. Power is the most important renewable resource available to us – the power to speak, the power to move, the power to create. Hit the switch and bask in the Power Issue.