Collaborative Consumption

Toronto, ON

A recent Toronto Supper Club was as much idea incubator as dinner party.

By: Meg Cassidy | Photos: Trish Mennell

Meg Cassidy connects with the crowd wearing the Top of A-Line Cropped Turtleneck

Collaboration might seem like little more than a buzzword, but it is still the root of some of our favourite things. Think about the musicians, the writers, fashion designers and directors who have partnered with like-minded creatives to concoct something spectacular. Just look at peanut butter and jelly – two fairly good things that, when paired together, make something so much better.

That was the thought behind a recent Supper Club at the Kit and Ace Bloor Street showroom with 11 of Toronto’s finest creatives. The goal? Turn small connections into larger conversations. Artists, bloggers, photographers, bakers and stylists came together for some Real Talk about collaboration.

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  • Kit-and-Ace-Toronto-Supper-Club-Bloor-Street-Meg-Cassidy-S2.jpg

The conversation flourished over a spectacular meal prepared by chef Marvin Palomo of DaiLo. The oohs and ahhs were worthy of an extravagant fireworks display, and it would come as no surprise if attendees were still dreaming of the mango, coconut and panda palettes.

Between tastes of heaven we talked about the importance of mentorship when you are an entrepreneur, shared personal business goals and even traded beauty secrets.

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  • Kit-and-Ace-Toronto-Supper-Club-Bloor-Street-Meg-Cassidy-S1.jpg

It was a fantastic opportunity to share with a broader group of women who take risks every day, who share their vulnerability through entrepreneurship and, more importantly, who know the value of face-to-face conversation. It was proof that in more cases than not, together is better.


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