Brick and Mortar:

The Time Out 

Kit and Ace Ambassadors share how to pause for a moment this holiday season.

By: Michael Small | Photos: Various


This holiday season, five of our showrooms across North America held a specially curated event – the Time Out. The evening was an introduction to the showroom’s Ambassadors – chosen members of the community of who were on hand to encourage guests to ‘push pause’ during a time known for its frantic energy. In a season that is full of go, it’s important to remember to find moments to pause. Here, the Ambassadors shared their thoughts on mindfulness and how they incorporate it into their day.


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“Meditation is an opportunity to reground yourself.” — Christopher Burcham

“Switching off allows your mind to wander, create and ideate, so you’ll be ready when it’s time to be on.” — Kelli Coleman


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“When you are able to empty your mind and see what naturally fills it, you often have your best ideas.” — Rachel Jo Silver

“My mind wanders when I'm sitting still, and it's in those moments when I get to really re-organize my thoughts and super-charge my creativity.” — Adam Drushal


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Aynsley is wearing the Prevost Long Sleeve; Klevinas is wearing the Denman Button Up

“Making mindfulness a priority has allowed me to slow down and truly work on being more present in every moment of my day.” — Maggie Aynsley

“It’s so important to take an extra second and actually connect with someone; say hello, smile, listen, and be present in your surroundings.” — Mark Klevinas

Bloor St.

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“I view meditation as a converging point for the mind, body and spirit. It has really helped me form a lot of positive habits and become peaceful, focused and less anxious.” — Jo Vos

“In this day and age of being 100 per cent accessible through phone and email, being able to switch off has never held so much value. You need to allow yourself the proper time to recharge.” — Mike Easton


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“Being able to switch off allows my mind to regenerate. I am much more efficient and effective when I can retain the information, focus, execute and move on.” — Keith Seabrook

“Mindfulness helps me dissipate stress and anxiety, making space for a more open and calm mind. I find energy, creativity and room for new ideas.” — Barbie Bent