Jonathon Litchfield

Say no to the Slap Chop – this enterprising shop owner values quality over everything else.

By: Michael Small | Photos: Thompson Chan

Litchfield is wearing the Blazer Bomber

For Vancouver’s Jonathon Litchfield, it’s the small moments that matter. He believes the big ticket events in one’s life – the birthdays, Christmas dinners and trips to Thailand – make up only a small fraction of our narrative. The majority of our time is spent performing small, practical tasks, and Litchfield’s core belief is that these routines deserve our respect.

“Our lives are made up of taking notes and making a cup of tea in the morning while we scroll through our emails. Realistically, we're not all living this beautifully curated life that we're shown on Instagram. The reality is our lives are functional moments, and it's those moments strung together that is our experience,” says Litchfield.

This philosophy is on full display at Litchfield, a lifestyle shop that personifies its creator’s mantra. Located in Vancouver’s historic Gastown neighbourhood – just a block from our original showroom – the shop offers up a selection of practical offerings curated by Litchfield. Every item on display is connected by a common thread: quality – a theme that is woven throughout Litchfield’s life. To him, quality means longevity: “It will last. You'll have it for hopefully longer than you need it.”

This belief permeates Litchfield’s personal life too, whether it’s taking the time to quiet his mind with meditation (“If I don't do that on a regular basis it's very draining for me.”) or making sure he’s treating his body with the same care and respect afforded to the items he markets. And, to no one’s surprise, this mindset carries over to his style as well. “I like to choose items that I know I'm going to enjoy for a long time and hopefully might be able to evolve with me so I can fold them in as my personal style evolves.”

Meet Jonathon Litchfield.

8:30 AM
Meditating at home.

Litchfield is wearing the Social Brushed Long Sleeve

“It truly is incredible to tap into a deeper inner peace within you, and it's kind of amazing to me that we all have that power.”

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9:30 AM
Walking to the shop. 

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“I like classics with a twist. Something that definitely has some strong personality, but doesn't necessarily have to be loud or attention‑grabbing.”

10:00 AM
Working at Litchfield.

Litchfield is wearing the Commuter Jogger

“Litchfield was born a couple of years ago when some friends encouraged me to put the way that I live out into the world.”

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2:00 PM
Hiking at Capilano Canyon.

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“Getting some physical activity is really important. I can only go a couple of days without it before I start to go squirrely.”

4:00 PM
Grabbing groceries at Granville Island.


“My mother showed love by making beautiful, delicious, healthy meals for us.”


7:00 PM
Throwing a dinner party.


“I like having the chance to sit down and have a meal with people. I'm not a person that likes to eat by myself, because the connection that happens over food is really great.”

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Visit Litchfield The Shop at 38 Water Street