Trevor Koot

Real Estate Developer, Body Builder

Get to know the man behind the muscle (and our April Fool's Day prank).

By: Michael Small | Photos: Thompson Chan


When Trevor Koot and all of his 300 pounds of muscle enters the room, despite everything your mother taught you, you stop and stare. “When you walk in a room and heads turn just for your size, it feeds the ego, definitely,” admits Koot.

But what often goes unnoticed is that underneath the slabs of granite-like muscle, there’s a real person – a father, successful real estate developer and humourist, capable of more than just flexing and pushing weight. This duality is a source of equal amounts delight and exasperation for Koot, who says he’s grown to expect the stereotypical response.

“People will, in five minutes of conversation with me, say something like, ‘Wow, I did not expect for you to be so well spoken and so knowledgeable on this topic.’ They are implying that just based on the way I look I couldn't possibly do anything but lift stuff up and put it down.”

It’s a cognitive dissonance that comes with the territory, but Koot doesn’t resent the boxes put around him; he simply breaks through them. Gifted with an entrepreneurial spirit and go-getter attitude from an early age, Koot is determined to achieve results once he sets his mind on a goal, whether it’s walking on to the University of Saskatchewan’s football team (he won a national championship), creating a successful boutique brokerage, or recently opening his own gym. For Koot, it’s very simple. “The things I do I look to do until I succeed. I never have any quit in me.”

In 2009, Koot set his mind on bodybuilding. He was inspired by his wife Jill, who had decided to train and compete. Seeing her dedication and the transformation of her body stirred something in him and he decided to train for a competition the next year; the two have been competing since. Having a partner makes the experience much easier says Koot, and helps during the grueling preparation. “For us, it almost works better because we can play off each other. We know what the other one's going through. For us, it works really, really well and it brings us closer together.”

Koot admits he essentially lives a double life – swapping between chairing committees to pumping deltoids on any given day. “In the back of my mind I try to convince myself that [bodybuilding] is a hobby, but it is a full-time hobby.” Koot says he’s always seeking a new challenge, a new goal to chase. For him, it’s worth it.

When asked why – why the dieting, the intense training, the new business ventures, the fatigue – why does he do it? Koot chuckles. He struggles to explain the satisfaction of a better competition, the joy he gets inspiring others to be better, the thrill of making a new deal.

What is satisfaction to Trevor Koot? His answer is as unexpected as the man himself.

“After a competition, you watch the Pro Tan go down the drain and the water is so dirty. You're super thirsty from cutting water. You open your mouth, and you let the water pour in… you want to talk about euphoria? That is the best point in time of any bodybuilder's life. I swear to God.”

Meet Trevor Koot.


“For me, it's very intrinsic. It's to push myself. It's to see if I could be and feel and look better than I did last time.”


“I'll go in and make something from nothing, and then turn around and sell it.”


“My mind, it's never satisfied with what's happening today. It's wondering what tomorrow will look like.”


“To be able to show it off, that truly is the motivation. That's the fun part for me. That and I really just absolutely love being in the gym. I love working out, so it gives me an outlet for that.”

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