The lovechild of your gym shorts and trousers has arrived.

By: Lindsay Seguin and Rachel Smith | Illustrations: Camille Segur


We’ve all been there. Awake before your alarm, lying under your covers, mentally preparing yourself for a crazy/busy day. Negotiating with yourself – a 15-minute snooze is possible if you skip shampooing your hair. Eventually, you will yourself to get up.

Admit it: all you want to do is pull on your stretchy workout pants. They’re whispering your name from the drawer. You’re certain your day would be so much better if you didn’t have to pour yourself into a pair of stiff, tailored power trousers. Just thinking about it makes you want to hit snooze again.

But what if there was another way? What if you awoke to find your stiff, tailored power trousers got it on with your stretchy workout pants after you turned out the lights? What if they had a love child that felt like your gym shorts but looked like your tuxedo? Bet that would put some early morning pep in your step.

This was the vision that led the Raw Materials team at Kit and Ace to develop one of its first proprietary fabrics – one that stretches in every direction but has the structure of formal suiting – to make the gym-tuxedo dream a reality. Enter Kaymace™.


This unique fabric gets its impressive properties from its double knit construction. This underlying structure on which Kaymace™ is built gives it a duality in function that comes with ample benefits to you, the wearer.

Take the challenge of sleeping on a plane, for instance. As you contort your legs into a pretzel position (inspired by the tiny, individual sized snack bag distributed at cruising altitude), Kaymace™ stretches and bends with you, instead of restricting your movement. Hours later, when the wheels touch down and it’s time to rise to a standing position, your pants bounce back, somewhat miraculously, to their original state. No bagging out. No creasing. Just pants-ing.


This Jekyll-and-Hyde-esque fabric blurs the line between public appropriateness and the comfort and forgiveness of your gym-only exercise clothes. The structure, stability and coverage of Kaymace™ pants means they look like real, bona fide trousers, but they move, bend and stretch with such ease you’d assume they were made for the elliptical machine.

Thanks to the problem-solving developers of Kaymace™, going home to change between work and play, between travel and meetings, is a distant memory.