The Making of Miskace™, the Technical French Terry 

Just when you thought Kit and Ace couldn’t get any softer.

By: Kate Wells| Illustrations: Camille Segur


Kittens. Little lambs. Clouds. Cotton candy. A pool of fuzzy peaches. These are not words to describe your coziest dreams, but rather how the Kit and Ace Product and Design teams explain the feeling of Miskace™ – our technical take on brushed French terry. And of all of the 150 proprietary fabrics we have developed, this may be the softest one yet.

Miskace™ was dreamt up by Shannon Wilson, Kit and Ace’s co-founder and creative director, when she was looking to create a family of performance fabrics that looked as good as they felt. That family is now known as Qemir™ and the first-born was Technical Cashmere™ – a naturally breathable fabric with the incredible hand-feel of cashmere and the durability of your dad’s old cotton gym shirt. While this fabric delivered just what was needed for a line of signature t-shirts and tanks, Wilson and the raw materials team knew they could go above and beyond to create a new Qemir™ fabric better suited to cooler temperatures.


The journey to design Technical Cashmere’s™ plush sibling took the team from Canada all the way to Bologna, Italy – the site of Kit and Ace’s fabric mills. Here a process was developed that combines cotton, Lycra and cashmere fibres. This material passes along 32 mettle wire-brush wheels, creating tiny air pockets throughout that give it a high thermal index and an unparalleled fluffy feel.

It’s complicated, but here’s all you really need to know: the end result is a fabric as soft as those lambs mentioned up above. It has dynamic four-way stretch thanks to the Lycra, a plush hand-feel due to the brushing and the coziness of cashmere because of, well, cashmere. It feels like pajamas, but drapes like fine evening wear and can be thrown in the washer and dryer after a long day full of movement.


Miskace™ can be worn as a first layer to feel it next to your skin, or over a tank or t-shirt when you want flexible, layered warmth. Our designers envision the pieces tucked into a trouser for the most enjoyable workday of your life, worn on an autumn walk or under the stars for an especially chic camping experience.

Designs to look out for this fall? The West Coast Brushed Long Sleeve for men – super easy to throw over top of a Technical Cashmere™ t-shirt – and the Laidback Brushed Dress for women – a great length to put over a slim pair of pants once the temperatures drop too low for bare legs.