Volume. 21 

A very Canadian edition.

By: Emma Nelson | Illustration: Tom Froese


Oh Millennials!

Turns out that Canada gets a grade A (eh?) when it comes to pleasing the youth. With universal health care, a capable and intelligent young leader and friendly (to a fault) people in our communities, it is no surprise Canada is the country millennials love most. A not-so-sorry humble brag: Canada also ranks first in the “Quality of Life” category. All this and we haven’t even mentioned maple syrup yet. 

Curiously Canadian

No, we do not all live in igloos. This curious stereotype – one of the many untruths Canadians can’t stand – is blatantly false, as Canada is highly urbanized. Last we checked (the last census results were released 2006) over 80 per cent of the population live in urban areas. The most densely populated part of Canada is Quebec City, where folks hang out in the comfort of their decidedly non-dome-shaped homes.

Crow to Hell

Unsuspecting crows have become a serious problem in large cities in Canada – most notably, Vancouver. In fact, crow attacks have become so common that two instructors at Langara College started an online map to track the bastardly birds. One particularly devious bird is Canuck the Crow who, after more than one run-in with police (he’s smashed into police cruisers and plucked keys from vehicle computers), has wreaked havoc on the city yet again. A few weeks ago, he managed to disturb the peace by making off with a knife from a crime scene, bringing a whole new meaning to strange birds.

Hi(gh) from up north

Canada is a nation leading the way in regards to cannabis usage – as early as 2012, almost 70 per cent of Canadians supported legalization. The country has made waves yet again after the health minister introduced a new law to legalize marijuana for recreational use by 2017. So start planning your 7-Eleven run and get the video games ready, slackers, your time is almost here.

Our home and gender-neutral land

Justin Trudeau is making serious linguistic moves early in his Prime Ministerial career. Most recently, the Canadian House of Commons voted to rewrite “O Canada” the national anthem with gender-neutral lyrics – “In all thy sons command” will change to “in all of us command.” No jokes here, just awesomeness.