How This Bondi Beachside Cafe Tempts You

To Eat Your Greens

Sydney, NSW

Start your day and end your night on a healthy high note at Sydney’s Porch and Parlour.

By: Chelle Morgan | Photos: Kai Leishman


Porch and Parlour

Address: 17-18/110 Ramsgate Ave, North Bondi, NSW

Mon–Tues 6:30AM–5PM
Wed–Sun 6:30AM–10PM

Distance from our Gould Street showrooman eight-minute walk


Sydney never fails to deliver a spectacle, from the Harbour to its beaches and the city skyline. Wake up to catch the Australian sunrise at the iconic Bondi Beach and – if you’re bold enough – swim laps in the Icebergs Pool before drying off with a bike ride along the coastline. Finish off your morning with a delicious Bondi must-do: brunch at local favourite, Porch and Parlour.

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Hendriks is wearing the Spotlight Sleeveless

Step into Porch for a beach house atmosphere with a laid-back Aussie feel and a menu that pays homage to the oceanside location with fresh, local ingredients and health-conscious dishes. “Our food is clean and simple with plenty of balance – it’s a reflection of the way we like to eat,” explains co-owner Sarah Hendriks. Think: poached eggs on sprouted grain avocado toast or a garden bowl with halloumi and ocean trout. Be ready to have your vegetarian, gluten-free palate surely satisfied.

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Hendriks, executive chef Sam Smith and co-owner Alexander Relic pride themselves on catering to the entire experience of the customer with a focus on the Sydney community. “We are more than just a food and beverage service. We connect people – we provide a listening ear, a living room or even a moment of solitude in this fast paced world of ours,” says Hendriks. Porch serves local coffee from Will+Co, collaborates with Australian artists and offers a sustainable rotating wine list with plans to produce their own wine in the future.

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It’s difficult not to become one of the regulars with the attention to detail and genuine care that Hendriks, Smith and Relic have cultivated for the Bondi neighbourhood. See you on the patio at Porch and Parlour on 110 Ramsgate Ave in North Bondi.