An EH Frame of Mind

Volume 29: Celebrating Canada's 150th

By: Eliza Nowack

It was grade 9 social studies when I was asked to write an essay on what it means to be Canadian. 10 years later, and I’m faced with the same predicament. We’re the second largest country in the world, say sorry way too much, and “eh” is the most semantically profound word in the Canadian dictionary. We call a beanie a toque and our patriotism is as polite as we are. But beyond hockey, a hot Prime Minister, and Justin Bieber, who are we as Canadians, and what exactly is an “eh” frame of mind? .

Yes, we have a self proclaimed quirky sense of humor and a shared love/hate relationship with the cold. And yes, we take prideful ownership over each and every Canadian celebrity including the Chad Krugars of the world. But who we are is a vast as this great landscape – and it’s our differences that make us alike. So to define an eh frame of mind seems hypocritical in sense because who we are is simply undefinable. As my grade 9 teacher would say, Canada is a cultural mosaic. We are neither this person nor that person, but everyone. If anything, an eh frame of mind is one that is open to new ideas, people, and places. On that note, the party to Canada’s 150th isn’t an exclusive invite, so join us in celebrating this fine nation – no matter where you’re from. But if you’re going to attend the party, there are a few things you need to know:

1. Our national sport isn’t hockey – it’s lacrosse

2. The beaver is our national animal – not Justin Bieber

3. We actually have a lake called pekwachnamaykoskwaskwaypinwanik – we’re sorry

4. On second thought, if you don’t know who Wayne Gretzky is, maybe don’t come

5. Drake is Canadian – nuff’ said

Happy Birthday/ Bon anniversaire Canada!