The Pitch:

The Easy Issue 

Easy come, easy go. 

By: The Editors | Photos: Thompson Chan


It’s funny, even a saying about easiness is bookended with the message that at any moment, it could dissipate – leaving you right back where you left off, struggling to make a go of it. If there’s one thing we grapple with, it’s accepting ease when it enters our lives.

We would much rather focus on “the struggle,” as if we’re supposed to celebrate the difficulties we encounter and suppress any acknowledgement that sometimes, good things happen to us without any effort on our part. It’s almost as if we’ve been conditioned to enjoy the challenge. The struggle is real, after all.

So we wanted to make a point of celebrating the sweetness of success – the good vibes that come effortlessly, like a warm sunny day in the middle of February. The comforting squeeze of a fortuitous turn, as if the universe is paying you back for all of the flat tires, shoddy plumbing and stunted projects. Because sometimes the path of least resistance is also the right choice. No point in traversing rough terrain, just to say you did it.

Chill out, settle down, take a load off. The Easy issue has arrived. Sit back and enjoy.