Lights, Camera, Projector

The Wall Launch Party, Nakemeguro, JPN

By: Emma Nelson | Photos: Jus Vun


Once in a while we get lucky and host an artist who appeals to both art historians and in-the-moment Snapchatters. Recently, emerging Japanese artist Motoko Marui – better known as Motty – displayed her work at our Nakemeguro shop with a little help from a projector. Guests were able to interact with the art by posing in front of the shop’s iconic photo as Motty’s art was projected on top of it.

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  • Kit-and-Ace-Japan-Nakemeguro-Motoko-Motty-Marui-3-3.jpg

Also at the event was DJ ECCYI, who spun tunes that Motty used to stir her creativity. Music is one of her biggest inspirations – an influence she was able to tap into during this performance. “Geometric shapes can’t be expressed in words. The blank spaces, the circles, the triangles ­– these are all ambiences I hear from the sounds,” Motty told us. At our shop, she created an unforgettable experience that locals won’t soon forget.

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Accompanied by an energetic crowd, drinks from Just Mate and bites from Hearty, this Wall launch party had something for everyone. It was the perfect trifecta of ingredients in our corner of the world – great company, interactive art and lively music. Motty’s art is currently on display at our Riverside pop-up shop in Nakemeguro. Come by and check it out.