Style a Cosy Knit

Sweater Three Ways

The team from our West 4th showroom show you how to wear the Ash Turtleneck, no matter your look.

By: Kit and Ace | Photos: Thompson Chan


When you need a little comfort, a cosy sweater can go a long way in giving you that warm fuzzy feeling. This time of year the temperature drops and the sky turns grey, but a turtleneck sweater gives an all-day hug to keep things cheerful. Here, the stylish team from our West 4th shop in Vancouver shows off the different ways to style the Ash Turtleneck, one of our favourites knits for the season.

Candice is wearing the Ash Turtleneck
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  • showroomstyle_ash-turtleneck_12.jpg

“I love for my clothes to make me feel like I'm being hugged but not a too-close-for-comfort squeeze. My go-to styles have soft lines and a bohemian flair to take me from a morning team huddle to an art show at night.” — Candice Savage

Issi is wearing the Ash Turtleneck
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“I try to have fun with what i wear. I like to picture myself living day to day in a fantastic Wes Anderson film.” — Issi Ranieri

Kimberly is wearing the Ash Turtleneck
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“I feel my most confident in a top knot and a pair of fitted jeans. My schedule has me moving a million miles a minute, and it's important that my wardrobe keeps up.” — Kim Bennett