Through the Lens 

The rich past of London's Borough revealed in photos.

By: Emma Nelson | Photos: Shaun James Cox

After putting us through a torrential downpour, London finally brightened up in time for a quick history lesson. Guests joined us at the Kit and Ace Borough to preview a photo gallery from the area's past. We hosted the Southwark Council as they unearthed some never- before-seen photos from their archives that captured Borough through every decade going back 130 years right in our showroom, and we wanted to compare the then and now.

From city streets to infrastructure, we took a look at what once was. By taking the photographs right to their original location, we could see in real time how the area has evolved. We quickly realized that although Borough has changed, its character and vibrancy remains the same.

Thanks to Crate Brewery, we could cheers to that. After returning to the showroom, we decided to have some fun: a guessing game on what currently exists in the places that were photographed. A few beers definitely livened up this history lesson. See the photographs for yourself at our Borough location now.

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