Matt Bauer

Creative Director, Venice, CA

This creative entrepreneur lives in pursuit of passion, career and style that is supremely SoCal.

By: Rye Johnson | Photos: Thompson Chan

Bauer is wearing the Mayne Tee

We arrive at Matt Bauer’s office – the home of Rosewood Creative – just as the sun rises to the top of the palm trees lining Abbot Kinney Blvd.

It’s 6AM and, though none of the other team members are here yet, this warehouse-turned-studio space is already percolating with creative intent. We sit for a quick coffee and then pile into Bauer’s pickup in pursuit of a morning surf. Despite a schedule where no day is identical, this dose of sand and salt has become a ritual for the creative director.

Though originally from Philadelphia, Bauer’s approach to life and style is supremely SoCal. From a laidback look to an affinity for living in the moment and seeking adventure, Bauer is the quintessential west coast entrepreneur.

Venice became home after Bauer left his dream career in digital brand marketing at Nike to pursue his entrepreneurial passion as co-founder of boutique agency Rosewood Creative. Since Rosewood’s inception, Bauer has grown familiar with long days of organized chaos alongside an enthusiastic team. Motivated by the desire to create a culture where people can live their lives in pursuit of passion, rather than being confined to the cubicles of corporate life, the Rosewood Creative team pushes the boundaries of brand and consumer relationships to deliver social storytelling content in thoughtful, premium experiences.

Bauer insists he is less-than-cool and is still convinced he landed on the guest list of a Kit and Ace Supper Club through some clerical error. From his boundary-pushing business to his pursuit of life’s perfect balance (read: surf, love and creative fulfillment) it’s no mistake we found his attitude worth our admiration.

Meet Matt Bauer.

6:00 AM
Morning Surf at Venice Beach

Bauer is wearing the Mayne Tee

"I used to swim in college so getting up early is life."

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8:00 AM
Rosewood Creative

Bauer is wearing a similar style to the Notch'Ur Average Crew

"Every day is like a different job. It’s awesome but it’s chaotic. You don’t always know what you’re in for – scouting, test-shooting, editing, finding talent or testing new equipment that we are building."

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10:00 AM
Drone set-up at Rosewood Creative

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12:30 PM
Lunch at

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"When you push yourself and step outside your comfort zone you grow so much, and I try and do that every single day. I hate not feeling uncomfortable."

7:00 PM
Unwinding at Hotel Erwin

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"At the end of the day it’s just really about chasing dreams and feeling like I am growing as a person."


See Bauer make his case for surfing the west coast waves and find his work at