Claire Belbeck

Marketing Director at Collective Hub, Sydney, NSW

This powerhouse marketing maven never lives the same day twice.

By: Chelle Morgan | Photos: Kat Parker

Belbeck is wearing the Linden Tee

No two days are the same for Claire Belbeck and that’s just the way she likes it. As the marketing director for Australian lifestyle magazine Collective Hub, Belbeck has her hands in content, strategy, social media, event planning, circulation and promotion. Her regular days are the definition of “full-contact,” with 6AM wakeups, back-to-back meetings, location scouting sessions, subject interviews and managing every detail of the marketing funnel. In the midst of the daily chaos, she maintains a cool demeanour, squeezes in a daily barre class and finds time for a glass of wine with friends – all while getting shit done with a smile.

In 2012, this job was still a dream for Belbeck. She was working alongside Lisa Messenger at The Messenger Group on custom content when the idea for Collective Hub was born. “We wanted a way to curate the lessons and war stories of clients and authors that would inspire others on their entrepreneurial endeavours and life journey,” she explains. In just a few years, the Sydney-based magazine has skyrocketed to success with retailers in 37 countries and the launch of a US version in the works.

Belbeck craves a wardrobe that is elevated yet comfortable enough to keep up with her always-changing routine, allowing her to run from one place to the next. “My style is pretty monochromatic. I’m a big believer in less is more and cost-per-wear. I would rather have a handful of amazing pieces than a bunch of stuff I’ll never wear.”

We caught up with Belbeck during her busy weekday to discover her morning rituals, how she stays balanced and why she says “yes” to spontaneity.

Meet Claire Belbeck.


6:00 AM
Starting the day with quiet strategic thinking and answering emails.

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“I treat my mornings at home as preparation for the day ahead, to really concentrate before the craziness begins.”

7:30 AM
Heading to class at Barre Body with co-workers. 

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“Taking the time to move, listen to music and get some fresh air is a really important morning ritual for me.”

9:00 AM
Grabbing a coffee at Brooklyn Hide before stepping into the office. 

Belbeck is wearing the Chatham Culotte

“I love strolling the inner city streets before my first cup of coffee. I go to the same place everyday – I don’t like to leave my coffee to chance!”

10:30 AM
Meeting with the digital producer at Collective Hub to discuss the next cover reveal.

Belbeck is wearing the Sleek Sleeveless Top

“It’s so great to be on board with a brand from the beginning and not only launch it, but continue to help shape and mold the direction.”

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Belbeck is wearing the Chatham Culotte

1:00 PM
Eating a healthy lunch at Relish Food Co. in Surry Hills

Belbeck is wearing the Sleek Sleeveless Top

“I find just stepping away from my desk even for five minutes to grab some fresh air and stretch my legs helps me reset and reenergize.”

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3:30 PM
Taking an Uber to scout a new event location at Cake Wines. 

Belbeck is wearing the Sleek Sleeveless Top

“I’m pretty capable of juggling multiple projects – I think that comes from working at a startup and wearing so many hats. I am constantly learning how to do something I’ve never done before.”

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6:00 PM
Enjoying a post-work glass of wine with friends. 

Belbeck is wearing the Linden Tee

“I try to maintain a degree of spontaneity and not book up my whole week. I like having the flexibility to say ‘yes’ to a last-minute dinner invitation.”

Discover the world of Kit – follow Belbeck's style inspiration and creative motivations on Pinterest. See more from Collective Hub at @collectivehub and find Belbeck at @claire_a_bel.