Foundations –

Your First Layer

Time to get intimate with our Foundations collection.

By: Ashley Jardine | Photos: Alex Ting

Every underwear drawer has a hierarchy. There’s the greying, more-comfortable-than-nothing bra that you can’t bear to part with; the matching set that still has the tags on; a sports bra or three, and a hodgepodge of bottoms that are marked in time by festive prints and strung out elastic. Some pieces make their way to the front of the drawer, others are pushed to the back, anxiously waiting for you to finish reading Spark Joy and end your reign of terror.

Underwear is the first layer you put on in the morning, yet it’s so often overlooked – you fumble around in the dark, pull on the first pieces you take hold of and go. This scenario was top of mind for our design team – what if that greying, more-comfortable-than-nothing bra skipped the greying? Could your favourite bra keep its shape, feel good to wear, and always look good too? The answer was an obvious yes thanks to Technical Cashmere™.


The Fabric

A full-contact day might start by biking to work, end with late-night drinks, and be peppered with meetings and a workout, so your base layer needs to perform just as well as the moisture-wicking, crease-resistant pants or the water-repelling jacket you are wearing on top. The By Your Side Vent Bra is spliced with a mesh panel that allows for maximum ventilation as you move through your day. The fabric was specially chosen for its lightweight properties and ability to sit seamlessly under tight clothing.

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Technical Cashmere™ is woven with plenty of cashmere for warmth, stretch for movement, and despite the noble fibres, it can be thrown in the wash and tumble dried. If you haven’t felt it before, the stretch and softness is exceptional, and because of that, it molds to your body without ever losing shape. The properties we look for in a t-shirt or long sleeve fabric are different to that of underwear, however, and so the design team was tasked with realising the perfect weight and handle of the Technical Cashmere™ used for our Foundations pieces. They developed a lighter variation and used a double-layered construction to ensure support and opacity.


The Cut

Much of our clothing is contoured and fits close to the body, while other pieces have dropped armholes for improved movement, or cutout details that aid ventilation. The design team realised that ‘normal’ underpinnings were perceptible under such styles, and that was the main focus as they sketched out Foundations patterns. The sides of our bras are cut with a curved hem and finished with flat seams, so that they sit flush under pieces like the Long and Lean Dress or the Margo Tank. Whether in graphic stripes or classic heather or black, our Foundations look good even if you do accidently (or deliberately) show them. 

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The Details

Acute attention to detail ensures that our bras and bralettes are long-lasting and hold up after every wear and wash. A super-soft elastic underband adds structure to these feather-light styles without compromising on comfort. Easy-close copper hook fastenings are a brand signature, while adjustable shoulder straps (some are even two-way) ensure a perfect fit. It’s small details like these that make the By Your Side Bra, By Your Side Bralette, and By Your Side Vent Bra a savvy foundation, with or without another layer. Foundations for her and him.

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