The Fraudulent Flossing, Wetter is Better, Food > Sex Edition 

Volume 23

By: Kate Wells | Photos: Camille Segur


News Bites

Flossing fraud. Last week the Associated Press rocked our molars with news that there is no definitive proof that flossing is good for you, but the keyword here is “might.” The AP started investigating the issue last year after requesting scientific evidence of dental floss’s benefits from government agencies only to hear nothing – the AP even followed up with written requests under the Freedom of Information Act (seriously). When they finally received an answer, it was found that studies conducted thus far have largely been funded, designed and conducted by floss manufacturers, and still failed to prove dentists’s claims. But while there’s no definitive proof that flossing is good for you, there isn’t any saying otherwise. What you choose to believe is probably dependent on how awkward the conversation gets when your dentist asks, “have you been flossing?”

Back at it again with the angry white man. Confused about the word “cuck,” the alternative right’s new favourite insult? GQ explains that while the literal meaning references a submissive man sexually cuckolded by a woman, Donald Trump and his tribe of (angry, white and male) supporters have co-opted the catchphrase for any who oppose their beliefs (see: immigration, multiculturalism, feminism). But why has this centuries-old insult, – previously relegated to pornography – regained strength? The article draws an interesting line between a word rooted in insecurity and a group of individuals who fear they are losing “their country.” It’s only a matter of time before someone’s referred to as a fluffer.

An unhealthy appetite. If millenials didn’t already have a bad enough rap for their questionable choices (see: the manbun), a recent study about food and sex won’t help their cause. Havas Worldwide found that 51 per cent of 20-something women and 46 per cent of men in the same age range said that eating can be as pleasurable as sex. They also found that 1 in 4 men would choose a meal over sex, and 42 percent of women would do the same. Can you say Netflix and chow?

Faster, higher, stronger…powerless? The Olympics are heralded as a time of unity and a chance for all countries to meet and compete on an equal playing field. But all that glitters is not gold (or silver or bronze). It’s no secret that every four years host cities face myriad issues. To combat these problems, democracies sometimes use the Games as an excuse to behave more like dictatorships. Rio is not the first to impose policies that are an obvious violation of human rights – four years ago in London there were several clauses that allowed authorities to not only clamp down on protests , but to also give private contractors the right to forcibly enter people’s homes and seize materials. Between this and Ryan Lochte’s hair, we’re starting to get really bummed out on these games.

Rubbing salt into water. A few years ago Israel was running out of water, but now one of the driest countries on earth is producing more water than they can use. As the fight for fresh water rises to the top of every climate activist’s mind, Israel has capitalized on desalination – a reverse osmosis process that uses zero chemicals and could save the world from rising oceans. Now, if they can use it to cure hangovers, they’ll really be onto something.