Vol. 19 

The First Class, Phone Booth, Olympic Feces Edition

By: Emma Nelson | Illustration: Tom Froese


Rage Against the Machine. If you have ever felt shame as you brushed past first class, your over-stuffed carry-on slung over your shoulder, avoiding those smug, pitying stares, the National Academy of Sciences feels you. In a recent study, the Academy found an alarming correlation between instances of air rage and vessels that offer first class. Although some blame their air anxiety on turbulence, long wait-lines, cramped seats and awful food, it turns out it’s being around, but not part of, the comforts of first class that pushes many over the edge. A classic case of David and Goliath – but in this case, David loses because he’s suffering from leg cramps and Goliath drinks complementary champagne.

Women on top. It’s fair to say women are dominating right now: in music (shout out Yonce!), movies, business and most recently, tech start-ups. A new Harvard Business Review study found that businesses with a female founder outperformed all-male founded teams by 63 per cent – that’s huge. Who runs the (tech) world? Girls.

Something in the water.
According to The New York Times, 2016 Olympians swimming through Brazil's Guanabara Bay could face deadly consequences if they accidentally consume the water. When Brazil won the Olympic bid, they promised to clean up their water and improve their environmental conditions, but with the current political upheaval, it may not happen. To put it into perspective: sewage from 12 million people flows into Guanabara Bay. Every. Single. Day. The situation could give all new meaning to athletes having a shitty race. 

Office2Go. Rumours of the phone booth’s death have been greatly exaggerated. BarWorks, a British startup, has plans to transform iconic red telephone booths into mini-offices. Yes, operator – you heard right. These booths, which can only be entered with the use of an app, will have everything a business person on the go could need: a coffee machine, desk, wi-fi, printer and power sockets. And while there are things that these offices definitely lack (read: space), they could be the next go-to spot for freelancers sick of sharing a workspace at Starbucks and that barista who sees you every day and never spells your name right.