Issue 10: Play

Are we having fun yet?

By: The Editors | Photos: Alan Chan

Heather is wearing the Atal Long Sleeve

What would you give to play a great game of tag right now? Or Monopoly? How about digging out your old toy trunk and taking your Barbies, G.I. Joes and and Nerf gun out for a spin? As children, play was our natural state of being. Without worrying over bills, career and relationships, we were free to live in the moment – and those moments were most-often filled with unadulterated joy. And while we maybe have grown up, we haven’t lost the desire for amusement and entertainment without parameters.

Even now that we’re older, we dance, compete and create to recapture that sense of playfulness that once came so naturally. In this issue of the Ante, we shrug off the weight of deadlines and commitments and, quite simply, have fun. In the bedroom, in your headphones and out on the town, this issue focuses on all of the different ways to inject a little play into your life. So let your hair down, untie your shoes and get some dirt under your fingernails. It’s time to enjoy yourself. Welcome to the Play issue.