Issue 11: Off 

Go on, get off.

By: The Editors | Photos: Kit and Ace


As you turn your thoughts towards the holidays, it’s a good time to push pause on your normal, to unplug from the minute concerns and tasks of the everyday and just, chill.

By turning off, even for a moment, you allow yourself to focus. Whether it’s on a partner, a good book or even a memory, by turning your gaze towards something – completely and fully – you can appreciate it in a way that’s just not possible when you’re scrolling through Instagram or sweating your way through an episode of Black Mirror. These off moments aren’t just illuminating, they’re invigorating. A minute untethered has the ability to reenergize you like the most caffeinated cup of coffee.

This issue of the Ante, we’re focusing on flipping the switch to off, in the hopes that when the lights go back on, they’re shining brighter than ever. So go on, get off.