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The only directory you need. Discover the best places to eat, see and do in the area. (You can thank us later). 

Meet the Neighbours

  • Work and Class

    Work and Class

    #101 2500 Larimer Street

    This award-wining spot has great service and even better food. With dishes reflecting both Latin and American flavours you will definitely be staying past happy hour.

  • Black Black Coffee

    Black Black Coffee

    3459 Ringsby Court

    Black Black is a great place for coffee lovers to indulge in the pureness of the bean. It is made by the cup and offered straight black – no cream or sugar here.

  • Ratio Beerworks

    Ratio Beerworks

    2920 Larimer Street

    Ratio is all about beer. They serve, craft and build a strong community while staying in touch with locals through music programs. Try the Hold Steady Scotch Ale and taste the hype.

  • Cart-Driver


    #100 2500 Larimer Street

    Built inside a shipping container, this tucked-away eatery holds much more than your usual grub. Try the oysters or the Four Seasons pizza, and wash it down with a glass of prosecco.

  • Crema Coffee House

    Crema Coffee House

    2862 Larimer Street

    Known for serving up delicious coffee, Crema also offers the best Pork Belly Banh Mi sandwich in Denver – farm to table done right.

  • Osaka Ramen

    Osaka Ramen

    2611 Walnut Street

    This is, hands down, the best ramen in the city. This ramen shop offers both traditional and non-traditional bowls making it an excellent place for ramen aficionados and newbies alike.

  • Boxcar Roasters

    Boxcar Roasters

    #110 3350 Brighton Boulevard

    As the inventors of Boilermakr, this roaster has perfected brewing coffee at Colorado’s high elevation and low boiling temperature. Enjoy it cowboy style.

  • Infinite Monkey Theorem

    Infinite Monkey Theorem

    3200 Larimer Street

    Voted Denver’s best new winery and for good reason –they are changing the game with back alley wine making and socially acceptable wine by the can. Cheers to that.

  • Chocolate Crisis Center

    Chocolate Crisis Center

    3370 Walnut Street

    Packaged chocolates for all of life’s emergencies because, let’s face it, what chocolate cannot cure, there is no cure for.

  • Super Ordinary Gallery

    Super Ordinary Gallery

    3350 Brighton Boulevard

    This retail-gallery hybrid offers a well-curated experience and a great location for emerging artists. Events are always on point – hospitable, ambient and unforgettable.

  • Proof Wine And Spirits

    Proof Wine And Spirits

    3360 Larimer Street

    They prove that great wine does not have to be expensive with their six dollar bottle of ros? . The price encourages adventure so you can try a new bottle or five.

  • Topo Designs

    Topo Designs

    #102 2500 Larimer Street

    Topo is community-oriented, connected to their space and appreciates the calmness that emerges through the great outdoors. Shop for backpacks, bags and outdoor gear.

  • Cold Crush

    Cold Crush

    2700 Larimer Street

    A great combination of hip-hop music, refined art and delicious dining. Come for the Foreplay (appetizers) and stay for the Happy Endings (desserts).

  • The Big Wonderful

    The Big Wonderful

    2500 Lawrence Street

    A sustainable market complete with food, flea, beach volleyball, an urban farm and entertainment on Saturdays – forget Coachella, come to the Big Wonderful.

  • The Meadowlark Bar

    The Meadowlark Bar

    2701 Larimer Street

    Weekly mic nights, jazz nights, DJ nights and patio parties make this bar the ideal stop for any occasion.

  • Haven Nails and Spa

    Haven Nails and Spa

    2721 East Third Avenue

    The perfect spot for relaxation and pampering right in our neighbourhood – both his and hers services are available.

  • Hinterland Gallery

    Hinterland Gallery

    3254 Walnut Street

    This space showcases artists who practice in a variety of media including textile and fashion design – a gallery must-see.

  • Clyfford Still Museum

    Clyfford Still Museum

    1250 Bannock Street

    An avant-garde artist who famously despised tradition, Clyfford Still beckoned viewers to look beyond their pre-disposed ideas. His work is showcased beautifully in an architecturally pleasing space.

  • Red Rocks Amphitheatre

    Red Rocks Amphitheatre

    18300 West Alameda Parkway

    Hike the wondrous rocky trails by day and dance with a thousand of your closest friends by night – a great opportunity to experience the Rocky Mountains in all of their glory.

  • The Museum of Contemporary Art Denver

    The Museum of Contemporary Art Denver

    1485 Delgany Street

    Check out the MCA to explore a selection of art and culture of our time. We highly recommend visiting the library to read about past exhibitions and showcased artists.