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North Loop

North Loop
United States 113 Washington Avenue Suite 200
Minneapolis MN, 55401
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The only directory you need. Discover the best places to eat, see and do in the area. (You can thank us later). 

Meet the Neighbours

  • 112 Eatery

    112 Eatery

    112 N 3rd Street

    Tucked away in a cozy historic space, 112 Eatery has been described as “craveable”, “legendary” and a “food-driven dining experience”. Fantastic service complements the tasty dishes.

  • The Bachelor Farmer

    The Bachelor Farmer

    50 2nd Avenue N

    Owned and operated by the Dayton brothers, The Bachelor Farmer consistently makes “best restaurant” lists – they even grow their own produce on a small rooftop farm.

  • Black Sheep Pizza

    Black Sheep Pizza

    600 Washington Avenue N

    They earned their chops as the first coal-burning pizzeria in Minnesota, and now have a much-deserved second location on Eat Street. The meatball pizza is a team favourite.

  • Smack Shack

    Smack Shack

    603 N Washington Avenue

    Smack Shack originally launched as a food truck, but is now a brick and mortar Minneapolis staple, serving up the best “lobstah” rolls in town. Reservations are recommended.

  • Bev's Wine Bar

    Bev's Wine Bar

    250 3rd Avenue N

    Bev’s Wine Bar is perfect for a quiet happy hour getaway with someone special. It is never too busy, with lots of simple yet delicious small plate options.

  • Moose and Sadie’s

    Moose and Sadie’s

    212 3rd Avenue

    Moose and Sadie’s is an established go-to for all North Loopers seeking delicious coffee. The food is sometimes overshadowed by the amazing coffee, but is still seriously deserving of praise.

  • Marvel Bar

    Marvel Bar

    50 N 2nd Avenue

    This illusive bar is hidden behind a purple door with no sign and located in the basement of The Bachelor Farmer. Team favourites include the Oliveto and the Ladykiller.

  • Fulton Brewery

    Fulton Brewery

    414 N 6th Avenue

    Fulton Brewery is a pre or post-Twins game favourite. The taproom includes long harvest-style picnic tables and an outdoor patio, as well as rotating food trucks so you can grab a bite to eat, too.

  • The Foundry

    The Foundry

    125 1st Street N

    A small and quaint shop for home goods, simplicity is king here. The shop is thoughtfully curated and beautifully designed. It provides great inspiration for your own home.

  • Shinola | Filson

    Shinola | Filson

    228 Washington Avenue N

    This joint venture also features a coffee bar inside. Both Shinola and Filson feature quality American-made gear, for whatever adventures lie ahead.

  • Mitrebox


    213 N Washington Avenue

    Close neighbors, they have a black lab shop dog named Henry, a framing studio with tons of great greeting cards and a warm vibe.

  • Mill City Museum

    Mill City Museum

    704 S 2nd Street

    This historical museum was built into the ruins of the world's largest flourmill and is located on the Mississippi riverfront.

  • Wilson and Willy’s

    Wilson and Willy’s

    211 N Washington Ave

    With a selection of thoughtfully curated goods, Wilson and Willy’s is all about telling the stories of the makers. It is beautifully lit, open and warm, and they have a big fluffy shop dog named Lamont.

  • Stone Arch Bridge

    Stone Arch Bridge

    1758 N West River Road

    This historic bridge was built in 1883 and consists of 23 arches is made of native granite and limestone. It’s closed to cars, so is perfect for a stroll on a nice day.

  • Aster Cafe

    Aster Cafe

    125 SE Main Street

    The Aster Cafe boasts nightly local musicians of all genres and unbeatable low-key ambiance. Take your drink outside to the patio in between sets and take in the gorgeous view of the city.

  • Weinstein Gallery

    Weinstein Gallery

    908 W 46th Street

    Tucked away in south Minneapolis, this niche gallery exhibits all media, but has a focus on modern and contemporary photography.

  • Open Book

    Open Book

    1011 S Washington Avenue

    If you want to support the literary arts, grab your next coffee here. Open Book is a non-profit organization that functions as a creative gathering place.

  • Public Functionary

    Public Functionary

    1400 NE 12th Avenue

    This isn't your typical art gallery. They do things a bit differently here – hosting performance events in the space while showcasing new and emerging artists.

  • Burnet Gallery

    Burnet Gallery

    901 Hennepin Avenue

    Located in Le Me?ridien Chambers Hotel, the over 250 artworks at Burnet Gallery are dispersed throughout the hotel, between the public areas and sixty guest rooms.

  • Circa Gallery

    Circa Gallery

    210 N 1st Street

    Our North Loop neighbours! This intimate gallery showcases beautiful work by local, national and international artists – both emerging and established.