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Capitol Hill

Capitol Hill
United States 1123 Pike Street
Seattle WA, 98101
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  • Capitol Hill
  • Capitol Hill
  • Capitol Hill

The Seattle Kit and Ace shop is just a short walk from downtown and we’re happy to reveal the hidden gems along the way – our front doors are a stone’s throw from Melrose Market, making it all too easy to pick up a side of fresh florals from Marigold and Mint to go with your Technical Cashmere™. Most of us have grown up in Seattle and you are likely to find us in one of our favourite local coffee shops (there are three on every block), getting ready to share the world of Technical Luxury™ with the Emerald City.

-Joseph Patterson, Showroom Director



Meet the Neighbours

  • Volunteer Park Cafe

    Volunteer Park Cafe

    1501 17th Ave East, Seattle

    Althought the Brussels sprouts with candied bacon hold a large piece of real estate in our hearts, it is the family-style suppers that put VPC on the map. Community is the ultimate flavour enhancer.

  • Porchlight Coffee and Records

    Porchlight Coffee and Records

    1517 14th Ave, Seattle

    Voted one of Seattle's favourite cafes last year by Food and Wine Magzine, this spot offers a great space to enjoy Herkimer coffee and breezy vinyl tunes.

  • Single Shot

    Single Shot

    611 Summit Ave East, Seattle

    With spirits and wine by the shot, glass or bottle, you can sip at any pace. Single Shot offers a superior selection of drinks coupled with amazing ambience and great service. The best place to unwind after a full day.

  • Tallulah's


    550 19th Ave East, Seattle

    This stylish neighbourhood caf? creates a well-curated experience. From the table details to the bold flavours, everything is photo-worthy and recommended.

  • Cure Seattle

    Cure Seattle

    1641 Nagle Place, Seattle

    On a beautiful day in Capitol Hill, Cure is the place to be for charcuterie, cocktails and people watching.

  • Kurt Farm Shop

    Kurt Farm Shop

    1424 11th Ave, Seattle

    With custard-based ice cream that tastes how long summer days feel, there is nothing curt about Kurt Farm Shop. We recommend the Bayleaf and Lavender (while reminiscing about those warmer days).

  • Remedy Teas

    Remedy Teas

    345 15th Ave East, Seattle

    A hot cup of tea can cure many things and Remedy Teas offers over 150 varieties to do so. We recommend 123 Tranquility - an herbal blend that is perfect to sip on hot or cold.

  • Glasswing


    1525 Melrose Ave, Seattle

    Put simply, Glasswing is fun without fail. They offer a colourful selection of pieces from homeware to outdoor gear.

  • Rachel's Ginger Beer

    Rachel's Ginger Beer

    1620 12th Ave, Seattle

    Handcrafted in town, their ginger beer is fragant, with the perfect amount of sweetness. A true Seattle original - try the seasonal favourites for a tasty flavour revelation.

  • Niche Outside

    Niche Outside

    1424 11th Ave, Seattle

    The owners seek out artisans from the Pacific Northwest who share their passion for beautiful, seasonally curated, durable goods for the home and garden. If you can't make it this time around follow their Instagram @NICHEOUTSIDE, for daily inspiration.

  • Totokaelo


    1523 10th Ave, Seattle

    This high-end designer and home boutique offers a selection of items that could easily pass as pieces of art - a true desitination for locals and travellers alike.

  • Cone and Steiner

    Cone and Steiner

    135 South King St, Seattle

    This urban general store will surprise you both in their selection of regional craft beers and floral pickings. It is a highly curated one-stop-shop for all kinds of food, beverage and flowers.

  • Elliot Bay Book Company

    Elliot Bay Book Company

    1521 10th Ave, Seattle

    This multi-storey literary mecca takes pride in offering a depth of literature that is seldom found in commercial bookstores. Stop by for a novel, an author reading or a book club. This is a true Seattle hangout.

  • Rock Box

    Rock Box

    1603 Nagle Place, Seattle

    This Japanese style karaoke bar is one of the most popular destinations on the Hill. The modern rooms, menu and song selection will have all karaoke aficionados singing a new tune.

  • Chophouse Row

    Chophouse Row

    11th Avenue, Seattle

    This open-air market has a vast selection of food, drink and small goods. Hailed as the new Melrose Market, this destination is worth a visit.

  • Volunteer Park

    Volunteer Park

    1247 15th Ave East, Seattle

    This Seattle landmark is home to the Volunteer Park Conservatory, Asian Art Museum and Water Tower. With views of the mountains and downtown, you will want to soak it in all day long.

  • Olympic Sculpture Park

    Olympic Sculpture Park

    2901 Western Avenue, Seattle

    For 365 days of free and fun outings, visit the Olympic Sculpture Park where you have the opportunity to visit nine acres of sculpture on display.

  • Seattle Art Museum

    Seattle Art Museum

    1300 1st Ave, Seattle

    This leading art institution of the Pacific Northwest aims to provide prorams and workshops that educate and inspire creative innovation.

  • Frye Art Museum

    Frye Art Museum

    704 Terry Ave, Seattle

    Open since 1952, this museum places emphasis on painting and sculpture from the 19th Century. Beautifully curated, it still holds the private collection of Charles and Emma Frye.

  • Henry Art Gallery

    Henry Art Gallery

    4051 George Washington Lane, Seattle

    Founded on the principle that art expands hearts and minds, this gallery focuses on the experience of the visitor. With over 25,000 objects, you are bound to discover something new around every corner.