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Lonan O'Herlihy

Personal Trainer, London, UK

The celebrity trainer who doesn’t believe in the word no (especially on leg day).

By: Chelle Morgan | Photos: Neil Bedford

O'Herlihy is wearing the Denman Button Up

When you’re a former reality TV star with a chiselled body that would make an Olympic swimmer envious and a social following that amasses over 100k, you might be tempted lift your foot off the gas. Life is good, after all. But for personal trainer Lonan O’Herlihy, it’s all hard work, all the damn time.

“24/7, my life is based around my work – I never rest. It sounds intense, but I am an extremist. I know exactly what I need to do to get me there,” explains O’Herlihy.

O’Herlihy wasn’t always health-obsessed, but he loved sports as a youth. Growing up, he was tall and very lean at 6’3” and 150 pounds, and sustained numerous injuries from soccer and rowing. Rehabilitation at the gym revealed how his body could change to become bigger, faster and stronger.

This Brit doesn’t just preach a healthy lifestyle though – he truly lives it. When he releases a 30-day nutrition plan to his scores of followers, he follows it too. When he posts a 15-minute bodyweight workout, he’s tested its effectiveness. When he has a cheat day, he documents his indulgences during a night out with girlfriend Millie Lindsay.

For O’Herlihy, the number one excuse for not getting off the couch and changing your lifestyle is lack of knowledge. His key to success is to educate, motivate and give several reality checks to his clients. There’s no skipping leg day with this guy. But don’t think that his self-discipline allows for zero fun. The personal trainer has a cheeky British wit and self-deprecating sarcasm, softening his powerful Adonis-like demeanour. “I have the waist of a 14-year-old girl! Nothing fits me,” O’Herlihy laughs.

We spent time with the celebrity trainer in his Chelsea neighbourhood to see how he kicks ass from day to night, and discovered what it really takes to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Meet Lonan O’Herlihy.

8:00 AM
Gym session at Alex Fitness

O'Herlihy is wearing the Mayne Tee

“Measure success by having achievable short-term goals and realistic long-term goals. These are the things that will keep you going so you hit the mark each week.”

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12:30 PM
Cooking a healthy lunch with girlfriend Millie Lindsey


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“Millie and I, we are the female and male versions of each other. We stick to a healthy lifestyle, but it’s not a struggle. It’s all about your mindset.”

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2:00 PM
Online training with a client via Skype

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“I give realistic advice. It’s not always what someone wants to hear. To see results, you need to change your lifestyle.”

O'Herlihy is wearing the Brim and Bare It Cap

6:00 PM
Out for dinner with Millie

O'Herlihy is wearing the Bidwell Pant

“I do actually live this life. I love this life. Everything I do is based around improving myself and improving the people I work with.”

Train with O'Herlihy at and follow him @theposhpt – plus, see how Ashley Ander changed her life with fitness.